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A true shipping partner will work with you, helping you provide the best shipping experience for your customers by keeping the level of service high and the cost of delivery low.

OSM Worldwide will be exhibiting at the upcoming IRCE Conference June 6-9 in Chicago.  Parcel shipping consultants will be onsite to answer your questions and discuss your parcel shipping needs. 

To keep pace with customer demands, ecommerce businesses must seek out greater efficiencies. The first place to look might be right under your nose -  in the warehouse.

When the number of orders is high, the level of preparation must match that. Here are some key take-aways for retailers emerging from Black Friday and "Cyber Week" 2016.

How can companies combat the rise in demand for free shipping? For starters, if you are going to have to pay for shipping, you might as well figure out a way to pay less for it, so here are five things you can do to reduce your shipping costs.