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Mail Visibility is a hot topic right now in business mailing and shipping. The term mail visibility describes a process designed to track mail pieces from the moment they enter the USPS system to the moment they're delivered to their destination address.  


Surcharges in the package and parcel delivery industry often cost companies significant unplanned costs per year. While some shipping carriers have hundreds of additional surcharge fees, OSM Worldwide only has a small number of industry-standard surcharges.

As an expeditor and parcel shipper that's always looking to add value for our clients and maintain standard shipping rates, OSM Worldwide is proud to offer the IMpb systems as part of our core service structure.

At OSM Worldwide, part of our everyday job is to help our clients and the shipping community as a whole understand and evaluate how changes in packaging and packing parcels can improve costs and shipping results.

When hundreds – if not thousands – of packages and parcels leave the warehouse each week, every piece of packing material and every piece of collateral (receipts, brochures, packing slips, etc.) that goes into the box is considered and weighed carefully.