OSM Premium Network earns the 2013 USPS Mail Solutions Award

Chicago, March 30, 2012 –OSM Worldwide is proud to announce that they have been awarded the 2013 USPS Mail Solutions Award. The award was given to OSM Worldwide in recognition for the creation of the new OSM Premium Network. Packages shipped in the OSM Premium Network experience a consistent 2-5 day delivery timeframe nationwide. Plus, the efficiency of the OSM Premium Network achieves less damage and fewer miss-sorts because packages receive fewer touches during the shipping process. The USPS Mail Solutions Award is presented annually at the National Postal Forum. It recognizes companies who embrace new technologies and implement best practices to improve efficiency and productivity in mail operations. Companies who receive this award provide customers with a mail solution that delivers increased value. The partnership between OSM Worldwide and the Postal Service has propelled OSM Worldwide to the cutting edge of consolidating all classes of mail for domestic and international products and services. OSM Worldwide worked closely with the Postal Service to create a national delivery network that would be cost effective and provide consistent service. “OSM Worldwide is a front-runner in full-range consolidation and is a giant in the industry. It took a combination of postal knowledge and innovative thinking to achieve this level of success in the industry.” says the USPS. “OSM Worldwide consistently strives to improve the shipping services we provide our customers. We are proud to have received this award from the USPS because it recognizes that through partnership and innovation we can create better services that benefit everyone.” says CEO Gaston Curk. About OSM Worldwide: OSM Worldwide is a privately owned parcel expeditor that is revolutionizing the shipping industry. The new OSM Premium Network ships parcels as quickly as possible at the lowest rates available. OSM Worldwide domestic and international delivery solutions help every business that ships small parcels directly to consumers improve their logistics supply chain by offering exclusive solutions that save money and meet their unique needs. 

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