Domestic Shipping

Domestic Package Shipping with OSM Worldwide

OSM Worldwide offers fast and reliable domestic package and parcel shipping solutions. We help many different industries to reduce their domestic shipping costs, while improving package delivery speed and the quality of customer service they provide. Some of the businesses we work with include:

  • Ecommerce Businesses
  • Fulfillment Houses
  • Publishers
  • Major Corporations
  • Subscription Box Companies


Fast Delivery, Every Time

We recognize that swift, reliable domestic package shipping is essential to your business. This is why we utilize the USPS for last mile delivery of all packages.

Our dedicated team will pick up your packages, scan, sort, and choose the most efficient route, then tender them deep into the postal system for delivery. Our unique relationship with the USPS has created one of the most reliable and efficient parcel delivery systems in the world.



The OSM Premium Network:
Premium Service at a Reduced Cost

Combining the vast delivery network of the USPS with OSM Worldwide services, we have developed a premium domestic shipping network that helps our clients impress their customers with fast, dependable delivery solutions including:

  • One- to five-day nationwide shipping
  • Optimized process means less touches resulting in reduced chance of damage and less missorts
  • No added surcharge for rural delivery service


OSMART Technology

Streamline operations with our OSMART technology system, offering:

  • Door to door tracking
  • On-demand reporting
  • Produce USPS shipping labels
  • DPV compliancy for all shipments



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