Bound Printed Matter (BPM)

If your company sends  bound printed matter, OSM Worldwide can work with you to make the shipping process stress-free and economical. It's simply the best way to ship books and other bound material.

What is Bound Printed Matter?

Bound Printed Matter is classifed by the USPS as advertising, promotional, directory, editorial material or any combination of such material. One of the main stipulations is that it must be securely bound by permanent fastenings like staples, spiral binding or glue, and at least 90% of it must be imprinted by a process other than handwriting or typewriting. Shipping bound printed matter requires a permit imprint from the USPS.

Qualifying Items
Items that might qualify as bound printed matter include:

  • Books
  • Annual reports
  • Catalogs
  • Directories
  • Handbooks
  • Information kits
  • Technical guides

Cost Benefits

Bound printed matter can qualify for discounted pricing through commercial rates, carrier route prices, and destination entry discounts when shipping in bulk. OSM utilizes our partnership with the USPS to be able to identify when BPM shipping is the best option and pass on the additional cost savings to our customers.


Bound Printed Matter can be wrapped, unwrapped, sleeved, or enveloped; and must exceed at least one of the following minimums to qualify:

Flats - Non-Automated

  Minimum Maximum
Height 6 1/8" 12"
Length 11 1/2" 15"
Thickness 1/4" 3/4"

Flats - Automated

  Minimum Maximum
Height 5" 10"
Length 5" 14 1/4"
Thickness .02" 3/4"


  Minimum Maximum
Height 3" 17"
Length 6" 34"
Thickness 1/4" 17"