Parcel Shipping

Parcel shipping with OSM Worldwide allows you to tap into the award-winning OSM Premium Network. Through our strategic partnership with the USPS, OSM Worldwide is able to offer every domestic parcel shipper high quality shipping services with a consistent 1-5 day domestic delivery time frame. Covering both large and small parcel delivery, OSM Worldwide is the only expeditor currently able to offer this unique shipping model.

Fast Delivery, Every Time

We recognize that swift, reliable parcel shipping is essential to your business. This is why we utilize the USPS for last mile delivery of all parcels. Combining the USPS's vast delivery network with our OSMART tracking technology, we have developed a premium parcel shipping network that helps our customers impress their customers, and reduce overall shipping costs.


Shipping Options

Parcel Select (1lb - 70lbs)

The best option for parcels weighing up to 70lbs. Parcel Select is a common solution for everything from promotional goods and samples, to replacement parts, health care products, and catalog orders. Exclusions include hazardous materials and any items with a maximum combined length and girth of 130".

Note: Special prices may be added for bulky packaging.

Parcel Select Lightweight (Up to 15.99oz)

For lightweight items, OSM utilizes select lightweight parcel shipping which is available for items weighing less than 15.99oz. Common items that qualify include CDs, samples, pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals, jewelry, apparel, and direct mail promotions.

Other qualifying parcels may include unwrapped, paper-wrapped, or sleeve wrapped articles, and articles enclosed in envelopes that are not letter-sized or flat-sized.

Exlusions: hazardous materials and any items with a maximum combined length and girth of 50".

Marketing Parcels (1oz to 15.99oz)

Any parcels containing information and/or product samples whose purpose is to encourage recipients to purchase a product or service, make a contribution, support a cause, form a belief or opinion, take an action, or provide information to recipients.

Note: The maximum size for marketing parcels will be 12" x 9" x 2", and an addressing qualifier, such as “Or Current Resident,”  must be included on the parcel