Shipping to Canada

Shipping from the US to Canada has never been easier or faster than with OSM's Expedited Parcel Service to Canada. With the ability to deliver to over 14 million residential and business addresses across all Canadian provinces and territories, working with OSM Worldwide can take the headache out of international shipping to Canada.

Delivery to Any Address in Canada

Our partnership with Canada Post means we can deliver to any address in Canada, including rural routes and Canadian Postal Boxes (PO Boxes). Our process gives you the option to send your mail via the United States Postal Service (USPS) or directly through the Canada Post – bypassing the domestic mail system.

OSMART Track and Trace Service

To facilitate the package delivery and tracking process along the way, OSM Worldwide offers our OSMART technology along with our package and parcel shipping service. OSMART offers a superior level of "track and trace" control at every stage of the process when shipping packages from the US to Canada. OSMART delivers accurate reporting for all shipments and allows clients to manage cost centers and charge-backs.

Shipping Options

Depending on the type of mail you need to ship, OSM Worldwide will utilize the most efficient and cost effective solution for delivery.

Business Materials

Canada Post Lettermail is a First Class mail service to Canada that can be used for most types of mail. OSM offers IPA and Canada Post 1st Class options for:

  • Invoices and statements
  • Personalized mail
  • Time-sensitive direct mail

A First Class Canadian postmark is applied to each letter and mail is deposited directly into the Canadian Postal stream, helping to ensure speedy delivery to any address or PO Box.


Canada Publications Mail is a bulk mailing service for Canadian distribution of periodic publications, magazines, and newsletters that are published with regular frequency and at a minimum of two times per year. Publications must contain at least 30% editorial content. There is also a minimum of 50 pieces required to qualify for publications presort. Options offered include National Distribution Guide Presort (NDG) and Letter Carrier Presort (LCP).


OSM offers two types of services for shipping parcels to Canada: Expedited and Standard.

Expedited Parcel Service is fast and economical. Your merchandise will reach your customers more quickly and easily. This service includes customs clearance, duties and taxes paid, and delivery confirmation.

Standard Parcel Service is a bulk mailing service for small parcels weighing less than 4 pounds.


With LCP and NDG options, OSM recommends Addressed AdMail as the most cost-effective means for the distribution of:

  • Promotional mail
  • Catalogs
  • Media mail