Last Mile Delivery

At OSM, we understand that the most important part of shipping your products to your customers is the final mile of the delivery. There's nothing more frustrating for your customers than seeing their package is close, but not in their hands. When you use our OSM Premium Network, you can rest assured that you're working with a company that appreciates the importance of last mile delivery logistics.

Dependable Delivery with the USPS

Our OSM Premium Network is dependable. We use the USPS for last mile delivery, just like many bigger (but more expensive) carriers, but our network allows us to get packages where they need to be, faster, with better customer service, and with more affordable rates.

Integrated Tracking

Don't let your shipments bounce from carrier to carrier—your customers expect and deserve the quick, reliable shipping OSM Worldwide provides with our last mile delivery services. That means that from dock to doorstep, OSM will ship and track your packages to ensure home delivery within 1-5 days.

Cost Savings

We have established a unique USPS partnership, which allows us to pass down savings directly to our shipping customers. Here are a few ways our customers benefit from this partnership:

  • Avoiding additional surcharges for last mile delivery, as USPS delivery trucks already have dedicated residential routes.
  • Using a single tracking number for door-to-door tracking. Packages can be tracked using our OSMART platform or directly on the USPS website.
  • Saturday delivery at no extra cost. Since the USPS delivers six days a week, there is no added cost for Saturday delivery.