Shipping Consolidator

What if you could get lower shipping rates without sacrificing delivery time? It's no dream when you partner with OSM Worldwide: 

The OSM Difference

A typical shipping consolidator is able to offer discounted rates, but these lower rates come at the cost of slower delivery. Not with OSM—our efficient process allows us to offer shipping consolidator rates with a fast 1-5 day delivery time. 

How It Works

Our Premium Network allows us to leverage existing USPS delivery routes, eliminating any residential and delivery area surcharges that you may be accustomed to seeing with the large carriers.

When you consolidate your shipments with us, your packages will never sit still. We know you have deadlines to meet, and need your products to reach their destinations quickly. Today's consumer doesn't like to wait, so we have developed our shipping solutions with the goal of keeping your customers happy and your profit margin intact.

Learn more about our shipping process and find out how the OSM difference can help you achieve your goals.