The OSM Difference

What makes OSM Worldwide different from our competitors? If you're shipping parcels, business mail, publications, or advertising mail to addresses in the U.S. or around the globe, OSM Worldwide can help you reach your customers and consumers as quickly as possible at the lowest rate available.

OSM Worldwide also offers a great deal of shipping and mailing industry knowledge to our clients. We're happy to help identify your shipping needs and requirements, as well as define best routes and practices to get the job done right. And, with OSMART, our proprietary suite of web-based technologies, we give our clients the ability to simplify operations, improve customer service, and save on costs. 

Cost Savings

Today, many companies are under enormous pressure to reduce parcel shipping budgets. At the same time, their customers often expect a lower cost on shipping. With our proprietary processes and global efficiencies, OSM Worldwide can offer the most cost-effective parcel shipping solutions, no matter your industry. Use the OSM Premium Network to send your domestic parcels, and you'll get priority speeds at standard rates. No other parcel or business shipping expeditor can offer this unique shipping model.


At OSM Worldwide, we understand the value of service and we endeavor to extend every courtesy to our valued clients. If your business has questions that need answers, we want you to know that real people with real names and phone numbers work here. The knowledgeable domestic shipping experts at OSM Worldwide can offer your company a level of service quality that is often unavailable from other corporate package shipping companies. Our people are responsible for every stage of the shipping process. Our customer service is second to none. And, everything we do is supervised by a skilled management team.


With more than 50 years of experience in residential parcel deliveries and corporate package shipping, our management and executive team members know more about the business shipping industry and how to deliver the best services at the lowest rates on the market. We also pride ourselves on being available to every client. Our knowledge is your knowledge. Shipping industry business intelligence is just a phone call away. 


Our cost-effective business mail services are supported by our leading edge OSMART technology. OSMART, our exclusive and proprietary suite of web-based technologies, gives our clients the power to save on costs, simplify operations, and improve customer service. OSMART lets you produce USPS labels in-house. OSMART gives you the ability to track your packages online. OSMART delivers accurate reporting for all shipments, and allows you to manage cost centers and charge-backs with ease. 


Our clients recommend our business shipping services because we deliver their parcels and packages on time. They also recommend our services because we save them money on their business shipping. But, most of all, they recommend our services because we care about our customers, and we work hard to provide truly responsive customer service. Read about specific instances where OSM Worldwide has saved our customers time, money, and effort.

We started this business because we saw a need in the market for a shipping company who not only gets the packages from A-to-B economically, but also gives the client a sense of security in knowing that their packages are cared for and delivered on time. We achieved this goal and continue to change the competitive landscape of the shipping industry by going above and beyond customer expectations.
- James Kelley, CEO
I am so proud of the OSM team and the amazing shipping solutions we provide our clients. Because of the OSM's dedication to client satisfaction, we've shown many companies how they can save on shipping without sacrificing customer service. It's extremely satisfying to help other businesses be more successful and profitable.
- Gaston Curk, CEO
When we started using OSM it was the most seamless integration we’ve experienced in the last 10 years.
- Gail Orman, Distribution Center Manager at United Methodist Publishing House
As a mass mailer we require a seamless process to expedite our International Mail, OSM has been doing it flawlessly for years. I recommend this service to anyone who wants to save money and focus on building their business.
- Darryl Jackson, Vice President at Zip Mailing
I highly recommend OSM Worldwide if you're looking to cut costs and increase efficiency for your business operations. OSM Worldwide's commitment to excellent customer service saves our staff valuable time and the hospital a substantial amount of money.
- Carl Clemmons, Mailroom Manager at the Northwest Community Hospital