Customer Service

Customer Service is the OSM Difference for Business Shipping Clients

Like any business, we at OSM Worldwide are nothing without our customers. That's why customer service is our #1 priority. In today's competitive market, we know that you have a lot of options to meet your parcel shipping needs, so we make it our goal to set ourselves apart in cost savings, knowledge, reliability, and service.

Since 2003, OSM Worldwide has been revolutionizing the parcel shipping industry with our proprietary processes, global efficiencies, and unique partnership with the United States Postal Service (USPS). But we also want to revolutionize the industry with our unparalleled customer service. At OSM, we know the value of service, and how much it can mean to your business to have quick, courteous, and helpful answers to any questions that may come up. Real people with real names and phone numbers work at our offices, and they're always ready to provide personalized help to our clients. Our clients are our most valuable assets, and we make it our mission to treat them as such.

Our industry-leading operational staff boasts over 50 years of shipping experience. Our knowledgeable shipping experts oversee every stage of the shipping process, from pick-up to delivery, and our proprietary OSMART technology can help you save time and money, while also giving you 24/7 access to tracking and other information on all your deliveries. All of which is supervised by a skilled management team, to ensure that everything works as smoothly as it should, so that your packages get where you need them to go, when you need them to get there.

As recipients of the 2013 USPS Mail Solutions Award, our team of experts knows the best ways to leverage the domestic and international postal and parcel transportation network to ensure that all your business shipping, corporate mailing, and other parcel delivery needs are handled as reliably, efficiently, and cheaply as possible, without sacrificing on quality. We know that it's important to you to provide good service to your customers, just as it's important to us to provide good service to you. With our industry-leading expertise, innovation, and customer service, everyone wins!

We're always happy to hear from you, and as part of our commitment to service, we offer free, personalized quotes that can show you how OSM can help your business succeed!